Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Running Dead Ultra 100

"Run where The Walking Dead is filmed."

Before the start of the race, I met up with a friend of a friend and we ran together for the first 30 miles.


  • March 28 & 29th 2015
  • 100 miles on a triple loop course
  • 9,000 feet of total elevation change
  • Asphalt but along nice country roads
  • 8AM start in Senoia, GA
  • 30 hour time limit
  • 3 Aid Stations at ~Miles 10, 17 and 33. Also 2 Water Stations on course.
  • Inaugural race with 13 starters and 5 finishers (39%)
  • Finished in 2nd Place in 21 hours and 53 minutes
  • http://www.runningdead100.com/about-the-race.html

0 to 100 Miles

100 miler runners group photo

For those running next year: Laminated turn-by-turn directions were provided by the RD. The turns were clearly marked.
Pretty easy to navigate with help of their map (that I had printed) and my GPS watch to track the distance completed
for each loop. By the 3rd loop I had run the course enough not to get lost in the dark.

Along the course you can grab a coffee to go

Then pass through the Town of Woodbury

Shop but don't drop

Pass by Alexandria a few times

Maybe buy a new townhouse

Visit the Saloon Aid Station where Rick and Hershel first met the Governor's men

Have some Walker Food

Keep moving forward

Stick your head in the open window to check for supplies.

Complete the 100 and live to wear your t-shirt

Receive your Finisher's Buckle

There is a short backstory for this race that I want to record. In October of last year I had been pretty burnt out heading into my last 100. My head wasn't in it and I bailed at mile 45 after I experienced some pretty uncomfortable stomach pain. I took the next 3 months off from running. I had zero motivation to go out.

We were expecting our second child in June and in the back of my head I really wanted to have one more adventure. It would keep me satiated and allow me to be more complete for my family. But none of the available 100's lined up with the upcoming due date. The inaugural race for The Running Dead popped up in my newsfeed. I only had 1 full month to train plus a 2-week taper but I signed up anyway.

To give it some perspective: I was at such a low level of fitness at the time that I went out for my first 6 miles on my first training day of Week 1 and had to cut the distance back to 4. That month I had to work pretty hard to increase endurance but balance that increase to avoid injury.

I had never tried to run a 100 with a short training window before and my goal at the start of the race was simply to finish. I did not have a clue what would happen to me out on the course.

I ran the race and executed it as best as I could. It was around 5AM on Sunday when I crossed the finish and made my way over to the bonfire. I completed the race in 21 hours 53 minutes and was only 22 minutes off of my 100 mile PR. I chalk that up to really wanting to make this one happen.

I have to hand it to the RD's. I had a really great time at The Running Dead.